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Vertical Blue Adventrues Environmental Policy



VBA is committed to the continuous improvement of environmental performance and management and the prevention of pollution from the activities we undertake.  We will comply with all applicable legal and other relevant requirements that relate to our environmental aspects, official codes of practice and, as far as are reasonably practicable, accepted best practice in environmental management.


We aim to minimise our use of fossil fuels, keep waste to a minimum and promote good environmental and sustainability practices by:


  • Implementing energy saving technologies and initiatives
  • Adopting strategies to minimise the environmental impacts of business 
  • Using utilities in a responsible and economic way to minimise negative 
impacts on the environment
  • Managing waste according to our duty of care, minimising volumes going to 
landfill, by re-use and recycling wherever possible
  • Purchasing supplies wherever possible which are recycled and recyclable, 
and whose production and use minimises the consumption of natural 
  • Conserving resources by ensuring that buildings and fittings are properly 
maintained and reflect appropriate eco guidance
  • Communicating this policy and our environmental performance to 
appropriate people working for or on behalf of the organisation
  • Using contractors / suppliers who perform the services in accordance with the government’s environmental policy, demonstrating commitment to the continuous improvement of environmental performance and the 
management and prevention of pollution from the activities they undertake.
  • Performing beach cleans at regular intervals on all beaches that we use and recycling the materials accordingly.
  • Leave our working area clear of any litter, regardless of whether it is our own, as a result of us being on a site or even there before we arrived.
  • Promoting good environmental practices to all our staff and customers and particularly the children we work with.
  • Investing in equipment made as locally to us as possible
  • Acting as positive role-models for participants and encouraging care and respect for the environment



Reviewed By:                   

Ian Prickett – Director

Issue Date:

01 October 2023 

Next Review Date:

01 October 2024